Marine wrecks and violating ships

27 Jul 2021 / United Arab Emirates

Within the framework of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to regulate the navigational activities, protection of the marine environment, safety and security of the UAE maritime sector and to protect the rights of seafarers on board ships in UAE waters and ports. The Cabinet has issued Resolution No.71 of 2021 on Marine Wrecks and Violating Ships which will enter into force on 15/09/2021.

In compliance with the resolution, UAE flag ships and foreign flag ships in UAE waters or calling UAE ports must comply with the requirements of the Resolution. In addition, ships of (300) gross tonnage or more must provide an insurance or financial guarantee to cover the responsibility for removing the wreck in conformity with the requirements of the Nairobi International Convention on the removal of wrecks, 2007.

Any ship not meeting the requirements of the resolution will be prohibited from entering or working in the UAE waters and ports once the resolution enters into force.

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Source: United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure Circular No.(07) 0f 2021

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