Lookout plan for offshore 3D seismic survey

15 Apr 2022 / Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Maritime has issued lookout plans for the offshore ADNOC 3D seismic survey being conducted in the Old Musaffah Channel, New Musaffah Channel & water surrounding Hudayriat and South of Umm Al Dalkh Oil Field.

Local Marine Notice No.ADM/LMN/2022/18 dated 14 April 2022 states that all waterway users and marine operators are required to take all necessary actions and instruct their Masters/Operators to be vigilant and stay well clear of the area of operations and adhere to following instructions:

1. All concerned parties to be aware that in the area indicated, the seismic equipment will be deployed on the seabed as well as on water surface.

2. Seismic source vessels will be operated day and night during operation periods.

3. Fishing, anchoring stoppage and diving operations in this area are strictly forbidden.

4. All seismic survey operation vessels will be restricted in their ability to maneuver during the seismic operations.

5. The seismic survey operation vessels will keep clear of the vessels navigating in the channels while all other vessels should navigate safely with due care and keep clear from seismic survey vessel.

6. Seismic Survey Vessels can be contacted through VHF CH 09/14/16/72 for further movement information.

For further updates and details of the survey operations, as well as information about operations in Abu Dhabi, contact GAC Abu Dhabi at [email protected]

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