Long Reach (Lower) dredging operations

29 Jul 2022 / Purfleet/River Thames, United Kingdom

On or about 3 August 2022, dredging operations will commence at Civil & Marine Jetties, Purfleet.

The dredge will be undertaken using the pontoon barge GPS BOXER, with tugs GPS BATTLER or GPS RACIA. Barges PHOEBE, ZEUS and KG17 will be used to remove dredge material from the site. It is planned that the dredge will take place for a period of 6 hours per day during daylight hours, though this is subject to change due to operational requirements and tidal windows. During non-operational times the pontoon will be positioned on spud legs at the berth, with all movements made in conjunction with London VTS. The expected completion date is 9 August 2022.

Requests for vessels to proceed with caution or pass at slow speed will be made by London VTS on VHF ch.68, in accordance with the Port of London Authority’s Port Information Guide, under ‘London VTS’, section 4. During times where this is applicable, the vessels involved in the operation should display ‘RY’ signals.

Further information will be broadcast by London VTS on Channel 68.

(For information about operations in the United Kingdom, contact GAC UK at [email protected])

Source: Port of London Authority Notice To Mariners L11 of 2022 dated 27 July 2022

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