Lockdown & sanitary curfew extended

06 Apr 2020 / Mauritius

The COVID-19 lockdown and sanitary curfew in Mauritius has been extended until 15 April.

The following guidelines remain in effect:

  • All vessels arriving at the port of Port Louis are considered a high risk and the crew on board will not be allowed shore leave or signing off.

  • For cargo vessels arriving in Port Louis harbour, agents must submit the following information by email at [email protected] 24 hours before vessel arrival:
    a. The Maritime Declaration of Health
    b. A report which includes a list of all crew members and body temperature measurement results that has been taken just before delivery of the report.

  • Upon satisfaction by the Health Authority, green light is granted and the vessel is allowed to enter port limits for free pratique.

  • Boarding of the vessel is carried out outside harbour.

  • Temperature of all crew member is taken and recorded on the arrival crew list.
    (i) If Health officer is satisfied, free pratique is granted, and orders the ship Master on-board to lower the yellow flag and pilot to board vessel to berth her.
    (ii) If not satisfied and suspects infectious disease on board, he contacts the Regional Public Health Superintendent on call for protocol to be followed and maintain yellow flag, while vessel remain outside harbour. Once protocol completed, free pratique to be given and yellow flag to be lowered.

  • For cargo vessels at berth in Port Louis harbor, crew members will be required to remain in their rooms during operational activities carried out by employees of the port of Port Louis on the vessel, except those involved in unlashing, who should be equipped with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Each vessel will have to assign a contact person to coordinate with the port staff. This contact person will be required to wear the proper PPE.

  • Unoperative vessels at berth will be required to lift the vessel ramp.

  • During the vessel's stay in the port, a representative will be appointed on behalf of the shipping agent / shipping company to ensure that the vessel's crew remains on the vessel.

  • No shore leave/off signer will be allowed when in port.

  • With the exceptions of port officials no ship chandler/visitors/agents are allowed on board.

  • Only stevedores essentials for operations will be allowed on board and should be restricted to the minimum.

  • Sanitizer hand cleaner/hand washing facility to be placed close to the gangway.

  • Face mask/gloves to be made available to those allowed on board vessels.

  • Distance of 2 meters to be imposed when working on deck between stevedores and crew members responsible for unlashing of containers.

  • Records of all those allowed on board should be documented (name, organization, home address, mobile number) and agent to submit the information by mail to the Health Authority before expected time of departure of the vessel.

  • Health of crew member will be monitored daily by the Health Authority while vessel is at berth.

  • In the case of receiving a report of a sick crew member on a vessel, the information should be forwarded to the Port Health Authority on 52517473/59436271.

(For information about operations in Mauritius, contact the GAC Dubai Hub Agency Centre at [email protected])

Source: Celero Shipping, Mauritius – GAC agent

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