LNG vessels calls & crew changes permitted

24 Jun 2020 / Mutsure-Kita Anchorage, Japan

Japan Coast Guard has confirmed permission for LNG vessels to call and anchor at Mutsure-Kita Anchorage, at the north side of Tobata LNG terminal.

Further, crew changes including crew sign-off are acceptable, subject to the below conditions.

Immigration Requirement:
Receive certificate document which certify and confirm no crew was left ashore from
- Quarantine & Immigration office at last port
- Receive stamp from Quarantine & Immigration office at last port on attached “Self-Certificate of Non-Shore-Leave for Crew Members” document.

Quarantine Requirement:
Crew landing/off-signing will be permitted and PCR test will not be required if:
- social distance (at least 1.0m) maintained at last port
- and/or close contact was available but left within 15 minutes
- all crews and visitors wearing gloves and masks at all times.
- applicable for all crew members onboard, not only off-signers.

The use of public transportation (including domestic flight/bus/train etc) for landed crew is not permitted. Transportation to the airport will be by agent driving car.

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