Lifting of COVID-19 restrictions

07 Aug 2020 / Pakistan

Pakistan’s National Coordination Committee has decided to lift COVID-19 restrictions from various sectors subject to following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as set by the authorities.

Various businesses and establishments would be allowed to reopen as below:

From 8 August
- Hotels as tourist destinations

From 10 August
- Restaurants & cafes (dine-in)
- Cinemas & theatres
- Public points
- Gyms

From 15 September
- Educational institutes (subject to review meeting on 7 September)
- Marriage halls

All restrictions on timings and days of operation of markets and shops to revert to pre-coronavirus routine.

The Pakistan Medical Association has expressed concern over the above decision.

Meanwhile, the Government of the Province of Punjab has allowed all industries, establishments and factories to function 24/7 "subject to adoption of SOPs".

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