Issuing of Sanitary Free Pratique

06 Apr 2020 / Suez Canal, Egypt

The Suez Canal Authority has advised that Sanitary Free Pratique must be issued by Suez quarantine doctors as a preventive measures before Suez Canal Authority officials may board any ship for transit or to provide transit-related services such as admeasurement of Canal tolls, pilotage, mooring, etc.

In bad weather conditions, to avoid any delay, quarantine doctors must use a Suez Canal Authority tug or motor boat rather than a quarantine or agent boat if not allowed by local port authorities. This will incur extra charges which will be charged for each ship if deemed necessary due to weather conditions at Suez port.

There is no change to Port Said boarding, where quarantine doctors must also issue the Sanitary Free Pratique.

Suez Canal transits are running well with no delay or congestions due to COVID-19 precautionary measures or any other reasons.

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