Issue of seafarer visas on arrival

23 Jul 2020 / Netherlands

Since the second half of June 2020, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee have offered an expanded capacity for the issue of visas on arrival to seafarers arriving at Schiphol Airport (65 visas per day). The initial limitation to only seafarers joining Dutch ships (a. ship of a Dutch shipping company or b. ships flying the Dutch flag) was lifted today (22 July).

Visa on arrival at Schiphol is now available to seafarers when the following two cumulative criteria are met:
1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic (closure, limited capacity, or technical restrictions) it was not possible to obtain a visa at a Dutch embassy or consulate in the country of residence.
2. One will sign on in a Dutch seaport.

To apply for a visa on arrival at Schiphol Airport one the procedure published on the website of the Dutch Government must be followed. Applications should contain information on the reason(s) why application for a visa in the residential country was not possible. The information on the website of the government has not yet been updated, but you should neglect the Dutch ship criterion if not applicable.

According to the procedure, a reservation should first be made for every single seafarer for a slot, before the application can be submitted to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. From 1 August 2020 a reservation fee of € 5.00 (excluding VAT) per slot time reservation for a VOA application for a seafarer will apply. Applicants will be invoiced on a monthly basis via the KVNR (consolidated invoice for the number of reservations made per month). The fee is due once the reservation has been made, also when the reservation is cancelled at a later stage or when the subsequent application for a visa is rejected by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.

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