Interim compliance surcharge introduced

07 Sep 2021 / Perth, Australia

Effective from 1 September, Ichthys FPSO terminal has introduced a temporary surcharge of USD 30,000 per lift, in addition to the existing Offshore Terminal Fee of USD 80,000.

This follows the imposition by Western Australia Police (WAPOL) of new maritime directions specifically related to offshore condensate offtake tanker operations, which came into effect on 2 July 2021. In response, the terminal developed and implemented an interim compliance programme for marine related activities.

The following modifications to boarding party rostering and transportation were required for achieve compliance:

  • Pilot Master (PLM) and Assistant Mooring Master (AMM) to work in a 2xofftake /14-day self-isolation / leave roster model.
  • Use of Company approved quarantine facility between offtakes, located in Broome.
  • Dedicated conveyance (charter vehicle) between work and accommodation.
  • Dedicated conveyance (charter flight) from Broome to Perth (ie their home residence).
  • Cleaning protocols applied at each step.
  • 14-day self-isolation at home residence (includes 48hr and 11th day PCR testing).

The fee covers offshore marine related costs incurred such as PLM/AMM engagement and the chartering of dedicated aircraft.

The terminal is seeking an arrangement with WAPOL, specific and workable to Ichthys Offshore operations for the longer term. If such an arrangement is granted or circumstances change or restrictions are rescinded, the compliance programme will be replaced or cease. Hence, the additional USD 30,000 is an interim surcharge on a temporary basis.

The Interim Compliance Program Surcharge of USD 30,000 is applied in addition to the existing terminal fee of USD 80,000 to each cargo lifted on or after 1 September 2021 and until further notice.

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