Heightened alert for COVID-19 arrival from China

05 Jan 2023 / Philippines

The Philippines Department of Health has announced that, following the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in China, there is a need to intensify the monitoring and implementation of border control protocols for incoming individuals, especially from China, at all ports of entry.

Crew coming from China may not disembark at ports in the Philippines without valid reason (e.g. emergency, such as need for medical attention, etc.). Disembarkation needs prior approval in coordination with the Local Health Unit.

Vessel’s crew should avoid contact with onshore personnel as much as possible. In cases where contact between vessel crew members and ground personnel is unavoidable, medical face mask is strictly required throughout the interaction. Cloth face masks and face masks with blow holes are prohibited. Security personnel shall ensure strict compliance to this requirement.

Vessels are not allowed to dispose of any garbage at the port while berthed.

The master of the vessel and/or shipping agent must report immediately any occurrence of illnesses similar to the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 when it is of unknown etymology/cause.

Proper hygiene and sanitary practices (wearing of appropriate face mask, social distancing – minimal close interaction, frequent hand washing and disinfection) are highly encouraged at all times.

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