Health emergency declared

14 Mar 2020 / Argentina

On 12 March, President Fernandez announced a host of restrictions and declared Argentina to be in a state of health emergency, and ordered anyone who met any of a four-point criterion to isolate themselves at home and self-quarantine for the suggested period of 14 days.

The most important measures stated in mentioned decree are explained here below:
1. All flights will be suspended from “most affected” countries for 30 days.
2. The decree also grants broad powers to the Health Ministry to acquire the necessary medical equipment and medicine, distribute educational information, and hire doctors with foreign degrees among other measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.
3. Crucially, the decree laid out four classifications/conditions under which citizens and visitors must undergo a 14 days isolation period, which include - for example: travelers arriving from countries considered to be at risk.

Below are the four listed conditions declared to undergo isolation:
a. For those with a confirmed diagnosis of Coronavirus
b. For those people considered as suspicious cases – which means people who feel feverish combined with one or more of the following respiratory symptoms – such as cough, sore throat or difficult breathing, and who, also, have been in affected areas in recent days or have been in contact with confirmed or probable cases of Coronavirus.
c. People who have been in close contact with confirmed cases or suspicious cases.
d. People who have arrived to Argentina in the last 14 days, from affected countries.

Those who break mentioned restrictions (such as not complying with isolation period) will be prosecuted.

Among other measures, the government also ordered cancelling concerts, shows and events with large gatherings and the closure of some public spaces.

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