Guidelines for joining of foreign crew

04 Dec 2020 / Chennai/Ennore, India

All Foreign nationals to have latest COVID-19 RT PCR Negative Test report (Test should have been taken within 96 hours of their arrival in India). If for any reasons the testing report is >96 hours and the crew come to Chennai after this period, he will be tested at Airport and he will have to be in Hotel Quarantine till the test result is reported. In such situations, as the COVID-19 test is done here in India and if it is Negative, it is valid and the crew can be cleared to join the ship subject to the strict follow up of the travel SOP and quarantine till Sign on or a repeat test if no records can be given which will be decided by the Port Health Officer.

The crew to be in strict home isolation for 14 days in their Home Country before their travel and to follow safe travel SOP till they are cleared to join the Vessel with self-monitoring record, COVID-19 test reports to be shared to RPS/Shipping Agent.

The crew to apply TN Government Travel e-Pass before planning for travel to join any ships in Chennai/ Ennore through any of the Airports in Tamil Nadu State Viz Chennai, Tiruchirappalli, Madurai, Coimbatore, Tuticorin. (Link for applying TN e-pass:

The crew will have to undergo the Screening procedure at Chennai or other International/Domestic Airports.

As the crew will be joining on ship, they will be under identified Hotel Quarantine facility only and follow the Travel SOP strictly from Airport. If they are cleared in Airport for 14 Days quarantine without testing requirement as per Point (a) above; being a ship crew they will be exempted from the 14 days quarantine if they undergo testing for Sign on purpose and will be allowed to join if the report is COVID-19 RT-PCR negative.

The crew have to follow strictly the crew changes SOP issued by us for 14 days on board the ship.

In case the crew COVID-19 test report is Positive, they have to be under the follow up of Tamilnadu State Health Department guidelines for further care and follow-up. The crew will be not allowed to sign on. The corresponding Sign Off crew may be done only if the safe-manning certificate allows the ship to do so.

To have back up plans in timeline, VISA for testing, quarantine period, sickness assistance if COVID-19 positive crew develop complications.

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Source: Port Health Organisation, Chennai

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