Gradual relaxation of COVID-19 measures at ports & port facilities

12 Jun 2020 / Cyprus

In the context of the gradual relaxation of restrictions to address COVID-19 in Cyprus, new directives have been issued about updated measures to be adhered to at all ports and port facilities.

Crew and passengers may not disembark from cruise ships within the context of the prevailing Decrees.

The transfer and/or departure of crew members from Cyprus in accordance with the applicable Decrees issued in accordance with the Quarantine Law Act, the Civil Aviation Decrees (Determination of Measures to Prevent the Expansion of COVID-19), the applicable instructions of the Minister of Transport of Communications & Works and the related Crew Replacement/Change protocol. In addition to the above, the Circular No12/2020 dated 14 May 2020 of the Deputy Ministry of Shipping must be followed, subject to any future amendments.

Further specific guidelines are also given regarding:

  • disembarkation of passengers and crew from yachts, commercial vessels & military vessels
  • disembarkation of crews from ships in decommissioning state at anchorage and/or in port area for more than 14 days
  • medical emergencies
  • loading/discharging of cargo and other operations on board vessels
  • cargo inspections
  • receiving goods from hinterland by trucks
  • disembarkation of crew on quay for ship inspection/maintenance, provisions/supplies to vessels
  • persons remaining on board with overnight stay
  • boarding vessels
  • works by licensed individuals within terminals.

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