Further precautionary measures

28 Feb 2020 / Malta

Due to recent developments in the risks related to the Novel Corona Virus (aka 2019-nCoV), Oiltanking Malta is implementing further precautionary measures.

The below precautions are to safeguard our employees, their families and the related business continuity:

a) Crew Changes:
With immediate effect, crew changes should only be considered if a commitment has already been undertaken. Personnel arriving in Malta via airports or transportation hubs that are known to have an existing 2019-n-CoV trend should be notified of the 'carrier' risk which they may pose and should be subject to additional screening.
As of Saturday 29th February 2020 at 00:01hrs, vessels at berth at OTM will not be allowed to conduct Crew Changes regardless of country of origin.

b) Shore Leave:
As of Wednesday 26th February 2020 at 00:01hrs, vessels at berth at OTM are not allowed to let their crew go on Shore Leave.

c) Ship supplies:
The delivery of ship supplies very often translates into repeated contact between OTM personnel, ship chandling services providers and vessel crew.
As of Saturday 29th February 2020 at 00:01hrs, vessels at berth at OTM will not be allowed to receive supplies or delivery of parts.

d) Personal hygiene measures:
With immediate effect, all OTM personnel going onboard vessels will be wearing sterile gloves and surgical masks. Waste items arising from this process will be discarded in isolation from other waste streams. Personnel visiting vessels from other entities are also recommended to take precautions in a similar manner.
As of Wednesday 26th Feb, Yellow bins will be made available to dispose of used gloves & masks. It is imperative that such items are first placed in a plastic bag, the bag is then to be CLOSED tight and only then can it be discarded in the yellow bins. The use of personal alcohol based hand rubs is strongly recommended.

e) Ship Waste handling:
We understand that under MARPOL regulations, vessels cannot be denied the possibility to discharge waste at their port of call. This obligation will be maintained at OTM unless local authorities instruct otherwise. Please advise such waste handling contractors that crew will not be allowed to go ashore and assist with the carriage of the waste bags to their trucks. Also we strongly suggest that such contractors wear gloves and exercise good personal hygiene in since they may be exposed to potential contamination from discarded items (e.g. tissues).

f) Health Declaration Document:
Vessels in arrival - As per previous practice, this document is to be forwarded to vessels prior to arrival and to be duly compiled and returned to OTM via e-mail ([email protected] & [email protected]) before vessel berths.
Bunker barges need to fill in the declaration prior to every visit.

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