French ports’ precautions update

05 Mar 2020 / France

As part of precautions being taken to prevent/control the spread of coronavirus, many French ports request calling vessels to submit a Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH), and follow the instructions of the regional health agency.

At Bordeaux and Bayonne, where the MDH was not previously requested, this document is now required. The last ten 10 last port calls and crew members’ nationality will be checked. For any problem, the regional health agency will take the necessary decision. If in doubt, it is recommended to call French emergency medical services “call 15”.

At Rouen and Brest, vessels must remain at anchorage until further notice and health agency instructions are received.

At La Rochelle/Pallice, they must also await at anchorage/await instructions, and confirm the 10 last ports of all as well as the nationality of crew members. If Chinese nationals are on board, it will be checked if they came on board within the last 14 days. If the MDH is negative but crew members have come aboard within 14 days, the vessel will remain at anchorage for 14 days. If the vessel has called at an infected zone during the last 14 days, it will remain at the anchorage until the 14 days since leaving the infected zone is completed.

At Montoir/Donges, vessels will remain at anchorage for medical diagnosis and then implementation of a medical procedure, if required.

At Fos/Martigue, in the case of a positive MDH, the vessel must comply with regional health agency instructions. There are strict precautionary measures in place at Lyondellbasell and Fluxel terminals.

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Source: SEA-invest Shipping Agency – GAC agent

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