Free pratique

27 Feb 2020 / Italy

As per the Italian Ministry of Health Notice dated 24 February, due to the coronavirus issue, all vessels arriving from any port (Italian, European or beyond) must request free pratique between 12 and 4 hours prior to arrival in port. Requests sent earlier will be rejected.

This request must have attached:
a) Maritime Declaration of Health;
b) Copy of the vessel's Sanitation Exemption Certificate;
c) Copy of crew and passenger list (with sign-on date/place of any crew/passenger and changes carried out in the last 30 days, advising where each crew/passenger has come from);
d) list of last ports called in the past 14 days.

Based on the information provided by the Master, the Health Office will release free pratique or request additional information and take necessary actions.

After receiving free pratique, vessel's Master must promptly communicate to the local health office any change of Health conditions on board during the vessel's stay in port and until departure.

Without free pratique, a vessel cannot operate/proceed to berth and no-one may leave/board, except authorised authorities.

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