Force Majeure & remission on port charges

05 Apr 2020 / Haldia, India

KoPT [Kolkata port Trust] has considered the COVID-19 pandemic as a natural calamity and invoked Force Majeure from 0600 hours on 22 March to 0600 hours on 15 April 2020.

In addition, as per the directive of the Order of Ministry of Shipping dated 31 March 2020, KoPT has considered granting the following waivers/remissions for the period from 0600 hours on 22 March to 0600 hours on 15 April.

a) Exemption from levy of demurrage charges/rent for all types of cargo & container for the above period.

b) The contractors operating Mobile Harbour Cranes at Berth Nos. 1,5, 9 & 14, Haldia Floating Terminal, Container Terminal will not be penalized for achieving less productivity than the MLP as per the contract agreement.

c) Penal berth hire charges will not be levied from the vessel’s agent for achieving less productivity at Berth No.10 than the agree benchmark productivity rate as per the Berthing Policy.

d) The above period will be exempted from consideration of MGT period for Strategic Plans & other similar schemes and way leave licensees as well as for plots allotted on long term basis against MGT commitment. However, the tonnage handled during this period will be considered against fulfillment of MGT commitment.

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Source: Kolkata Port Trust, Haldia Dock Complex, Trade Circular dated 5 April 2020

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