Flight restrictions extended

17 Apr 2020 / Greece

The Hellenic National Civil Aviation Authority has announced the extension of the following restrictions and measures:

  • All passenger flights from/to any Italian/Spanish/Turkish/British airport are postponed until 23:59 hours local time on 15 May.

  • Passenger flights from/to any airport in Germany and Netherlands are postponed until 23:59 hours local time on 15. The only flights from Germany permitted are to Athens International Airport.

Flights for cargo, sanitary, humanitarian, ferry, state, emergency, overflights, refueling and the repatriation of Greek citizens are exempt from the above.

The Greek Ministries of Citizen Protection, Health, and Interior have decided to temporarily refuse entry to the country for third countries nationals by any mean (including, air, sea, rail, road transportation). This above does not affect citizens of EU countries and those within the Schengen Agreement, including their spouses or the people they have entered into a civil partnership with, as well as their children (minors). This measure remains in force until 23:59 local time on 15 May.

The following are exempted:

  • Medical, health care workers (as long as they hold their professional license or any other proof at the entry points and there is the pre-requirement for their immediate integration to the National Healthcare System).
  • Those who are long stay residents in EU countries or those of Schengen Agreement and citizens of third countries who are holders of valid residence permit for EU countries or those of Schengen Agreement.
  • Members of Government missions.
  • Members of Diplomatic or Consulate authorities and missions, members of International and European Organizations, members of Humanitarian organizations while performing their duties, military and executives of security bodies.
  • Drivers of cargo trucks for cargo transportation as well as the absolute necessary auxiliary staff required for the transportation.
  • Passengers in transit.

Residents of third countries subject to refusal can apply to the Greek Consulate authority in their residence country to obtain a special permission to enter Greek for professional or personal reasons.

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