Flight restrictions & crew changes

01 Jun 2020 / Indonesia

Flight restrictions for 19 Indonesian airports have been extended until 7 June, as a measure to prevent of the spread of COVID-19.

Lion Air Group plans to re-operate their commercial passenger flights starting today (1 June), with passengers required to:

  • Arrive early at the departure terminal 4 hours before departure

  • Have completed documentation Including flight ticket, ID Card, Certificate Free COVID-19, Traveler letter/business letter, Negative Rapid COVID-19 test result valid 3 days published by a health facility, free certificate of symptoms such as influenza for areas that do not have the facilities of RT- PCR or Rapid test, a letter of assignment according to the agency, certificate as required

  • Wear a mask before flight and while on the plane until landing and exiting the airport

  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer

  • Exercise applicable physical distancing

  • Maintain cleanliness while on board

  • Prospective passengers should bring their own hand sanitizer.

Crew changes are possible at Nipah, Galang and Tanjung Balai Karimun only.

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