Extra charges for boatmen's services

22 May 2020 / Nantes, Montoir, Donges & Saint Nazaire, France

Lamanage Huchet / Desmars has advised of extra charges on their invoices for boatmen’s charges at the ports of Nantes, Montoir, Donges and Saint Nazaire from 1 May until the end of the COVID-19 health crisis.

This follows a review and revision of rules of operation, organisation and hygiene to enable them to maintain their services whilst guarantee the safety of staff and customers and meet legal requirements. Measures taken in the context of COVID-19 generate additional costs, including additional PPE, health products and measures, doubling of vehicles, accommodation, etc.

These costs will be passed on to the mooring costs of the vessels calling at the GPMNSN in the form of packages depending on the billing categories of the vessels concerned and called COVID-19 additional cost package, as follows:
Categories 1 to 2: 20 € HT
Categories 3 to 4: 50 € HT
Categories 5 to 11: 95 € HT

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