Extension of travel ban, impact on crew movements

04 Jun 2020 / Brazil

On 22 May, the Brazilian Federal Government extended the travel ban for a further 30 days.

It is understood that the Government may be willing relax the ban specifically for crewmembers holding a valid Seaman’s Book issued by an ILO signatory country, authorising them to embark and disembark in Brazil. However, this may not be the interpretation of all officers.

Currently, it is necessary to pre-check with the concerned authorities until further guidance is given by the Brazilian Federal Authorities.

A requisition must be made to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Health Authorities confirming if crew arrangements can go ahead.

The below advance information is required for intended crew change:

  1. Crew full name
  2. Nationalities
  3. Flight details for the on and off signers
  4. Seaman book details
  5. For on-signers, 14 days quarantine prior to embarkation must be taken in consideration for flights arrangements
  6. Prior to embarking, on-signer must be submitted to a COVID test

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