Entry restricted to Omanis only

18 Mar 2020 / Oman

As part of a range of measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19, from today (18 March), Oman is restricting entry to the Sultanate from all land, sea and air outlets to Omanis only, and preventing its nationals from leaving the Sultanate.

There are no restrictions on cargo coming by sea from various countries. All types of ships visiting Omani ports will be restricted from embarking or disembarking personal.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued following guidelines for all Oman Ports:

  1. Cruise ships are only allowed to take provisions, fresh water and bunkers at Omani ports.
  2. Protective gear must be used by agents and all other personnel visiting the vessels.
  3. Agents must provide all required information of ship’s crew to MOH representative.
  4. All companies should prepare business continuation plan as with MOH guidelines
  5. Suspected cases should be reported to immediately to MOH and Director General of Maritime affairs.

Additional measures are implemented from today (18 March). The latest full set of measures is now as follows:

  • All ships and their agents are obliged to submit the IMO Declaration of Health to the Harbour Master as well as the attached ‘Corona virus questionnaire’.
  • Both documents should be signed and stamped by the Captain. Both documents need to be uploaded in the Port management system by the ship’s agent for approval of the vessel call by the Harbour Master.
  • In case of a sick person on board, the vessel will not be allowed to enter the port and the patient involved will be screened by a Port Health team at anchorage.
  • In case of recently arrived crew on board the ship (within the last 16 days), the Harbour Master will decide, based upon the submitted facts, whether pilot boarding and port entry is allowed.
  • No disembarkation of ship’s crew is allowed during the ship’s call, including the anchorage.
  • In case of needed emergency shore leave or crew change, pre-approval is needed from the Harbour Master, Immigration and Port Health. For Harbour Master approval, this request must be send to the Port Control email address as mentioned hereunder. Approval is given by email.
  • Any concerned staff interacting with the ship’s crew should follow up on the official advice from the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization on personal protection.
  • Port Control should be contacted in case of any suspicious situation regarding the Corona virus in the port area or on board a ship so that appropriate measures can be taken in close cooperation with the Port Health team.

Officials have declared a 14-day quarantine period for all vessels calling at Duqm port.

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