Entry of non-resident foreign nationals suspended

30 Mar 2020 / Brazil

Brazil has temporarily suspended the entry of non-resident foreign nationals arriving by air, to slow the spread of CoronaVirus.

The 30-day travel ban which comes into effect today (30 March 2020 and applies to all, except the following:

  • Brazilian citizens and residents
  • Foreign professionals employed by a non-governmental aid organization recognized by the Brazilian government
  • Foreign officials accredited by the Brazilian government
  • Spouse, partner or immediate family member of a Brazilian citizen
  • Foreign nationals whose entrance into Brazil is deemed by the government to be in the public interest
  • Bearers of the National Migration Registry (RMN)
  • Foreign travellers in transit (providing they do not leave the transit area and the country of destination admits their entry)
  • Flight crews

The ban does not apply to air cargo transport or technical landings for bunker when there is no need to disembark foreign passengers.

An exception may be made by the Federal Police for foreigners in one of the countries sharing a land border with Brazil who need to enter the country to catch a flight back home, as long as they go directly to the airport to board their flight.

Crew changes and shore leaves remain suspended at major Brazilian ports, except for medical emergencies.

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