Embarkation/disembarkation facilitation charges for crew changes

23 Nov 2020 / Kattupalli, India

The Government has designated the Adani Kattupalli Port as an authorised immigration check post for entry into and exit from India with valid travel documents for all classes of vessel’s crew/passengers.

The new Immigration Check Post (ICP) is fully equipped and commissioned for operation and facilitates to complete Coastal/Foreign vessel crew sign on / sign off formalities…

…For the smooth transition of crew change, a facilitation charges of $50 shall be applicable per person for any crew change at Adani Kattupalli port wef 1st Dec 2020 and referred to following points which shall be applicable to all vessel operating agents and shipping lines with mutual coordination for smooth operation.

  1. Shipping Agencies to liaise directly with mentioned facilities with prior notice.
  2. The planning for COVID-19 Test, Quarantine compliance, logistics and mobilization for all associated services to be arranged by Shipping agents.
  3. RPS/Agency Bodies to follow the above orders for crew changes of Indian/Foreign National Seafarers which will be facilitated at Kattupalli port in line with above mentioned Orders.
  4. All expenses incurred in COVID-19 Test & associated travel, Quarantine Facility etc. to be settled by the Shipping Agency.
  5. Crew Change facilitation will include clearance at Port Security and ensuring Port gate charges.
  6. Port shall coordinate and process documentations, as required to be done by the port operation centre or by nominated Port Nodal Officer (PNO) for crew change.
  7. Vessel calling Kattupalli port for only intention to carry out crew change at berth will be allowed a free period of 6 hours stay at berth and upon expiry of such period, berth hire charges shall be levied for the entire period of stay at berth as per Kattupalli port BPTS.
  8. Above charges does not include Immigration and customs charges if any.
  9. The above referred crew change charges is not applicable if disembarkation of crew on Medical Grounds.
  10. Above charges shall be reflected and updated in BPTS and shall be sent to trade in April 2021.

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Source: Extract from Kattupalli Port Circular no: MIDPL/11/2020 dated 21 November 2020

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