Designated bunkering areas

31 Aug 2022 / Panama Canal, Panama

The Panama Canal has designated specific anchorages as bunkering areas in the Atlantic and Pacific terminus of the Canal in order to facilitate monitoring of those activities.


  • Inside breakwater, the Merchant Vessel Inner anchorages “A”, “B”, “D”, and the Dangerous Cargo Anchorage (Explosive Anchorage).

Bunkering at the Atlantic Outer Anchorage will be permitted only during good weather conditions and under the following parameters:

  1. Submit a request for authorization from the ACP.
  2. After approval and prior to conducting bunkering operations, all bunker barges must comply with the following:
    a. Request permission from Cristobal Signal Station to move from the inner anchorage to the outer anchorage and vice versa.
    b. Report the beginning of the bunkering operation.
    c. Report the finalization of the bunkering operation.


  • Dangerous Cargo Anchorage (Explosive Anchorage).

Canal Authorities must approve any bunkering operation in areas or locations other than the approved areas listed above prior to scheduling or engaging in the activity.

(For information about operations in the Panama Canal, contact GAC Panama at [email protected])

Source: Panama Canal Authority Advisory to Shipping No. A-29-2022 dated 29 August 2022

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