Cyprus related sanctions

17 Nov 2017 / Turkey

With the Turkish embargo still in force, shipowners/ship managers may at any time find their interests seriously prejudiced in case there is any connection with Cyprus.

The following are not accepted at Turkish ports:

  • Vessels under the Cyprus flag
  • Vessels registered in Cyprus
  • Vessels owned/operated/managed by residents of South Cyprus
  • Vessels owned/operated/managed by residents of South Cyprus, even if they are residents of another country
  • Vessels owned and or managed by persons or their affiliates who have double citizenship, one of which is Cyprus
  • Regardless of the flag, vessels with a shareholder with a South Cyprus relation as described above
  • Regardless the flag, vessels whose management company is handling the commercial activities of the vessel identified on CSR as South Cyprus
  • Bareboat or Time charter contracts are also not exempt

In addition, regardless of flag, all vessels with cargo bound for or coming from South Cyprus (laden or ballast) are not accepted at Turkish ports.

If a vessel have one of above conditions and is sold out a new owner, the sale / purchase relationship must be proven and the new register certificate provided. If the same is not provided and change of ownership proved, the change will not be accepted at Turkish ports.

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