Curfew in place, COVID-19 protocols at port

13 May 2020 / Barbados

Barbados is under curfew from 2000 to 0500 hours.

The port is fully operational with Covid-19 protocols being observed. Ship must fully sanitise their gangway, pilot’s ladder, handrails, bridge, tables, etc. upon arrival at Barbados. Further, sanitisation stations to be made available onboard for any visitors, and social distancing be exercised by stevedores/crew while onboard with PPE to be worn by crew and stevedores.

The airport remains opened but presently not handling commercial flights into/out of Barbados. Charter flights are being handled.

Arriving visitors arriving MUST undergo a 14-day quarantine period.

However, crew changes are possible, but written permission must first be sought/given, and crew MUST travel directly to the ship or to the airport.

Most hotels remain closed.

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