Crew changes/repatriation of foreign crew

12 May 2020 / Indonesia

Currently, crew changes and repatriation foreign crew is temporary restricted at Indonesia except for the repatriation of Indonesia workers.

To curb the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia, the Indonesian government has restricted foreign visitors from traveling to Indonesian Territory. This travel restriction will be reviewed on 13 May.

All foreign visitors are restricted to enter and transit through the Indonesian territory. This travel restriction does not apply to:
- Children of dual citizenship with a foreign passport and registered in the immigration system as an Indonesian citizen;
- Holders of Temporary Stay Permit and Permanent Stay Permit (Permanent Residents/KITAS and KITAP) with a valid Multiple Re-entry Permit;
- Holders of Diplomatic Visa and Official/Service Visa;
- Holders of Diplomatic Stay Permit and Official/Service Stay Permit;
- People engaged with Medical Services and Delivery of Supplies (humanitarian assistance);
- Airline and Maritime Crews including Land Transport;
- People whose travel is associated with essential work for NATIONAL STRATEGIC PROJECTS such as infrastructure or construction with approval from the Director-General of Immigration.

Crew members will be allowed to enter if they are:

  • active crew assigned by an operator to duty on an aircraft when entering Indonesia;

  • extra crew as a passenger when entering Indonesia to become an active crew when leaving Indonesia under the following circumstances:
    1. providing a notification letter which assigns him/her as an active crew
    2. the notification letter shall be delivered at least 24 hours prior to extra crew’s arrival;
    3. showing a crew identity card or crew member certificate during an immigration clearance;
    4. a registered crew in the same airline as inbound flight as he/she arrives.

Crew members are not allowed to disembark from their vessels unless otherwise declared as emergency circumstances and compelling urgent matter.

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