Crew changes update (7 August)

07 Aug 2020 / Indonesia

Jakarta, Batam, Merak, Bali and Makassar as now being considered as ports at which crew changes can be carried out in Indonesia.

The repatriation of Indonesian crew members is currently is carried out in Tanjung Balai Karimun, Nipah Island and Galang Island. Crew changes in Galang Island can be implemented because health facility has built as a special hospital for infections, operated by the COVID-19 Task Force, with a capacity of 100 beds.

Foreign crew members must undergo a Health protocol such as being quarantined in advance at Pademangan Athlete House or hotels which have coordinated with the Covid-19 Task Force. Merak is one of the recommended ports for crew change because there are Cigading and Ciwandan Ports which for foreign ship activities.

Based on the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights No. 11/2020 regarding Temporary Restriction of Foreigners to enter Indonesian Territory, a visit visa for foreigners to disembark in Indonesia and join the ship cannot be permitted because it is not included in the exceptions in Article 3 of the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights. However, the Directorate General of Immigration can provide facilities for crew members who conduct crew change with discretion.

Crew members who are recruited through the ship agency are required to submit a discretionary application permit to the Director General of Immigration, as a material for Directorate General Immigration to issue Tele-Visas then to be submitted to the Indonesian Embassy abroad. This Tele-Visa can be the basis for Indonesian representatives to issue visit visas for crews who will conduct crew change in Indonesia.

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