Crew changes under special circumstances

04 May 2020 / Oman

In general, crew changes are restricted in Omani ports and terminals during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, under the following special circumstances, the crew may be changed:

  • The crew has served his/her maximum time on board and no further extension if the employment contract is granted by the flag State;

  • Compassionate grounds, e.g. death of family member; or

  • The crew is no longer medically fit to work onboard the ship.

Further, vessel owners should be able to provide flights out of Oman to ensure departing crew fly out of the country immediately. As normal flights are not available out of Oman, special flights should be arranged by the vessel owner. In cases where crew do not fly out immediately, they will be kept under quarantine in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations and procedures until they fly out of the country. All relevant expenses shall be borne by the company or ship agent.

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