Crew changes for local seafarers possible

08 Jun 2020 / Pakistan

Pakistan’s port health authority has verbally confirmed that crew change operations can be performed. However, foreign crew cannot join the vessel due to restrictions on international inbound flights still in force.

The following general rules and regulations must be followed for performing crew change operation:

1. Crew must bring latest COVID-19 test report.
2. Crew must wear the mask and gloves all the time.
3. No hotel stay allowed.
4. Flights must be arranged according to vessel’s berthing as crew are only allowed to join the vessel direct from airport to port.

1. Master’s declaration that the off-signing crew has no any symptoms of COVID-19 from last 14 days and must submit off-signing crew temperature record from last 14 days.
2. All off-signer must test for COVID-19 before disembarkation from the vessel as per advice by port health, if needed. Permission to disembark without a test report and after inspection will be at the discretion of the port health authority.
3. Crew must wear the mask and gloves all the time.
4. No hotel stay allowed.
5. Flights must be arranged directly from the vessel to the airport as crew are only allowed to leave the vessel direct to airport.

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