Crew changes at Port of Tauranga

30 Jul 2021 / Tauranga, New Zealand

All crew changes at Tauranga must be in accordance with Ministry of Health rules or guidelines in place at the time. Crew changes are on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by Port of Tauranga (POTL).

On-signing crew joining a vessel must have undertaken a PCR test in New Zealand and negative resulted before joining the vessel. The most recent test results must be provided.

Agents must notify POTL of ALL crew change plans (arriving or departing) prior to ship arrival by using the “POTL Crew Changes” form and email to: [email protected].

Any changes to POTL agreed plan must be clearly highlighted.

Crew transported by coach must have toilet facilities on board.

Joining crew must join immediately prior to departure, after all operations are complete and stevedores/agents/authorities have left the vessel. Joining crew are isolated onboard away from any crew that may interact with the pilot (bridge/pilot/pilot ladder crews).

Vessel undertaking crew changes must depart deep sea once crew changes are complete (i.e.: not calling at any other New Zealand ports).

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