Crew changes & entry of non-nationals suspended

11 Aug 2020 / Oman

Crew changes at all ports in Oman and the entry of non-Omani nationals into the country by air, sea and road is banned until further notice. This includes security personnel, whose embarkation/disembarkation is suspended.

Immigration authorities have suspended accepting visa applications until further notice.

All incoming vessels have to follow/adhere to Ministry of Health/respective Port Authority guidelines.

International and domestic flights to/from all airports in Oman remain suspended, except for special/charter flights which are arranged on priority basis after obtaining necessary approvals/permits from the concerned authorities.

The closure between governorates in Oman (except Dhofar) was lifted on 7 August, but the ban on all types of movement/travel and closure of public places/shops between 2100 and 0500 hours the following day continues until 15 August between 2100 – 0500 hrs the following day.

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