Crew changes

31 Mar 2020 / Australia

For crew changes in Australia, the situation remains unclear.

The Federal Government has imposed border restrictions and the requirement for self-isolation for all personnel coming into Australia from overseas.

The Government does not want to restrict trade, and recognises Maritime industry is critical to this. As such ship’s crew are exempt from some of the restrictions, and the requirements for self-isolation have been modified in a way to still allow the transit of crew to and from the vessel in Australia.

However, several State Governments, local Port Authorities and/or terminals have imposed their own restrictions or alternately appear to be making their own interpretations of the Federal and State legislation. It is therefore not possible to give a blanket yes or no answer as to whether crew changes can be affected in Australia at this stage.

GAC Australia advises that crew changes should not be considered for Australia at this time unless absolutely necessary. If absolutely necessity, or in the case of extenuating circumstances, please check with us and to enable checking on a case-by-case basis.

For information about operations in Australia, contact GAC Australia at [email protected]

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