COVID-19 updates (26 August)

26 Aug 2020 / Indonesia

The Indonesian Government has reopened flights with new normal procedures in the Covid-19 pandemic era. Passengers must attach the Covid-19 test results to board the plane.

All other restrictions previously advised remain the same.

Domestic and international flights are still available only at Cengkareng International Airport. Batam Airport is only for domestic and cargo flights.

Material deliveries can be made at the Nipah Island Anchorage Area. To obtain port clearance, vessels must state their destination as "Nipah Island/Tanjung Balai Karimun, Indonesia”.

Crew changes are still possible in Nipah, Galang and Tanjung Balai Karimun only.


The Indonesian Government has suspended its Visa exemption policy for short stay visit, visa on arrival and diplomatic/service visa, until further notice.

Foreign crew joining must hold Indonesia transit visa index 211 applied in their original country or a country nearer to their location.

All foreigners / travellers who wish to visit Indonesia must obtain a Visa from Indonesia Embassy with details of the purpose of their visit. Upon submission, applicants must provide a health certificate issued by relevant health authorities from their respective countries.


Crew sign off is possible as long as the crew members are proven to be in good health by means of a health certificate and is subject to flight availability.


  1. The nearest domestic airport is Hang Nadim airport (BTH) in Batam.
  2. The nearest international airport is Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK) in Jakarta.
  3. It takes two hours by boat from Nipah anchorage to Batam port (boat station).

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