COVID-19: Updated Marıne Department instructions on crew changes

20 Mar 2020 / Malaysia

All seafarers regardless of nationality are PROHIBITED from carrying out any crew change activities (sign-on/off) in any Malaysia port, EXCEPT:
a) The seafarer on board needs medical evacuation;
b) The seafarer on board have developed explicit COVID-19 symptoms;
c) Approved sign-off port only upon confirmation from JLM.

For medical evacuation, shipowner, Master, or agent, shall contact Maritime Communication Centre (PUSKOM) at +603-3169-5233/5201. to arrange for a suitable evacuation port.

For any crew-change activities due to the circumstances stated in paragraph (1), the replacement crew is ONLY ALLOWED if:
a) The affected vessel is operating not in compliance with the Safe Manning Document requirement;
b) only Malaysian crew is allowed to sign-on.

Seafarer Employment Agreement (SEA) which expires during this period may apply for an extension of additional one (1) month.

(For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Malysia, contact GAC Malaysia at [email protected])

Source: MSN 02/2020 – 190320 v3

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