COVID-19 Update: Oman

30 Dec 2020 / Oman

The Supreme Committee in Oman on Sunday has decided to lift the ban on international flight movements from 12 am on Tuesday, December 29th, 2020. The committee also decided to reopen land borders and seaports as well.

After assessing recent developments, the committee has decided to make it compulsory for a PCR test to be done before flying to Oman from other countries. The Supreme Committee has suspended the exemption from health isolation for those arriving on short visits to the Sultanate of less than seven days.

The following measures are applicable at all border points of the Sultanate, and the travellers must follow certain procedures:

  • Download and register on the Tarassud application before coming to the Sultanate.
  • PCR negative test upon arrival to the Sultanate, provided that the examination was conducted not exceeding 72 hours prior to arrival.
  • It is mandatory to have health insurance covering the costs of treating COVID-19 19, with the exception of Omanis, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and holders of free treatment card.
  • Conducting a polymerase test for COVID-19 19 upon arrival from abroad to the Sultanate’s airports.
  • Electronic tracking bracelet at all border crossings and a commitment to quarantine for a period of seven days. The tracking bracelet is removed after its completion, provided that no symptoms of the disease appear during that period, with re-examination on the eighth day.

The flight ban was imposed to stop the spread of a new Covid-19 strain found in London and other parts of the world.

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