COVID-19 Update: China

05 Jan 2021 / China

There are no changes as such to the regulations for COVID-19 testing but the local health authorities will base testing on their own risk assessment if required for vessels which have had a crew change over 14 days ago.

Examples of application at different ports:

  • Zhanjiang port does not require 14 days quarantine. But even after passing 14 days, customs may conduct COVID-19 testing according to their internal risk evaluation system.
  • The regulation is different at Zhuhai. If there is a crew change, Zhuhai customs require a vessel to have 14 days quarantine before berthing. After 14 days, customs go on board for body temperature test. PCR test will be taken only when some crew’s body temperature is abnormal.
  • At Shenzhen port it is another situation. COVID-19 testing is not mandatory even crew change less than 14 days. NAT test applies only when abnormal (higher body temperature etc.) is reported or found during inspection on board .
  • The principle is taking effective measures to prevent the spread of pandemic but it is difficult to predict precisely what’s counter measures will local port authorities be taken.

Please contact your local agent to ensure you receive the most up-to-date requirements dependant on the port of call.

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