COVID-19 (Update 4)

10 Apr 2020 / Salalah, Oman

As part of our ongoing updates in view of the COVID-19 situation, we continue to actively execute, monitor and review our preventive measures. We would like to reassure you that we are here for you 24/7.

Current level – Level 2

Ministry of Transport Circulars related to Ports

Circular No. 3 / 2020 relating to “Stop Paper Transactions”
a. E-Delivery order upload solutions already implemented and activated.
b. We will not be accepting any paper delivery orders effective 15 April, 2020
c. Please reach out to us in case you need any specific assistance or face any challenges on this front.

Operational updates

1. Employees:
Employees continue to work in shifts and work from home where possible in line with the government directives

2. Container Terminal
a) Manning and resources deployment continue as normal.
b) Vessel operations continue as normal.
c) Gate operations continue as normal.

3. General Cargo Terminal
a) Dry / liquid bulk operations continue as normal.
b) Manning and resources continue as normal.
c) Dhow operations continue as normal.
d) Garbage services are suspended for the time being.

4. Marine services
a) Port health doctor will check all vessels on berthing and grant free pratique prior to start of any cargo operations.
b) Cavotec mooring systems are not available until mid-May. All vessels to berth with minimum 4x2 lines fore and aft.
c) Cruise vessel calls limited to bunkering at anchorage.
d) Marine operations continue as normal.
e) Crew Change is not permitted.

(For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Oman, contact GAC Oman at [email protected])

Source: Port of Salalah Customer Advisory dated 9 April 2020

If quoting any content from Hot Port News, please cite GAC Hot Port News as the source.