COVID-19 Update (29 February)

02 Mar 2020 / Australia

On 29 February, the Government announced new restrictions on travellers from Iran. Effective 1 March, the restrictions are: Any foreign travellers who have left or transited through Iran on or after 1 March 2020 will be refused entry to Australia for 14 days in order to minimise the potential spread of Novel Coronavirus. The Australian Border Force (ABF) arrival questions have been updated to include questions on whether any crew member has transited through Iran.


Inpex terminal - INPEX has imposed travel restrictions to Japan/Iran/Italy and South Korea. All vessel crew transiting the Terminal, whether they are on/off signers or going on shore leave, must complete the INPEX self-assessment questionnaire assessment. If a crew member has not completed the assessment, they will not be allowed access to the Terminal. Vessel Masters are still required to complete the Vessel Screening Questionnaire.

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