COVID-19 test requirement

10 Nov 2020 / Norway

Guidelines from the Norwegian authorities state that persons from so-called “red” countries (defined with a certain level of infection in their population) must present a negative C-19 test taken less than 72 hours before entering the country. The valid languages for the test results are Norwegian, English, German, Swedish, Danish or French.

Persons residing in Norway with a residence permit or right of residence in Norway, or who regularly come to Norway from Sweden or Finland to work or study are exempted from this requirement.

Other important exceptions include seafarers and key workers urgently attending a vessel, namely:
- Persons in transit, including transport from an airport to a port to embark a vessel.
- Persons who carry out freight and passenger transport as paid work (seafarers), or who are on their way to or from such an assignment.
- Persons with a valid Seafarer’s ID (only when used for the purpose as a seafarer).
- Service personnel and surveyors that are critical and urgent for maintenance and operation of a vessel, whose attendance/service cannot be postponed until they have a valid test, or whose tasks cannot be carried out by a person in Norway. Such individuals without a Seafarer’s ID should carry a statement from their employer or principal stating the nature and urgency of their visit and type of work, and that a C-19 test could not be carried out in time within the 72 hours limit.

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