COVID-19: State of emergency until 15 April

23 Mar 2020 / Kazakhstan

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kazakhstan announced one-month state of emergency until 15 April. A wide range of measures have come into force including quarantine, large-scale sanitary and anti-epidemic measures, the prohibition of public and family events, and restrictions on entry into the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Servicing of ships from Azerbaijan and Iran at the sea ports of Aktau and Kuryk has been suspended as a temporary measure. Crews of foreign cargo vessels are not permitted to leave their ships and the transportation of people and vehicles with drivers have also been halted.

According to reports, in view of the complicated situation with the spread of COVID-19 in Nur-Sultan and Almaty, and to prevent the spread of coronavirus to other cities of Kazakhstan, from midnight on March 19, the quarantine regime began to operate in the Kazakh capitals of Almaty and Nur-Sultan. Entrance and exit is closed, and police and military personnel are patrolling streets.

From March 22, Almaty is closed to everyone and air and rail services are suspended. Citizens who do not live permanently in the city were asked to return home, and residents of the suburbs who work in the city cannot enter. Those who work in Almaty need special permission, issued by the city authorities at the request of the employer.

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