Covid-19 restrictions lifted

14 Feb 2022 / Norway

Effective from 12 February, Norway has lifted all Covid-19 restrictions, and regulations for vessels, crew, visitors, border crossings and shore leave have reverted to how they were before the pandemic.

Arrivals are no longer required to take a pre-entry Covid-19, register their entry or undergo quarantine. Public test stations at the border have been demobilised, and all testing is at the request of the individual and/or their employer, arranged privately.

Crew may embark or disembark a vessel in a Norwegian port. Seaman’s Identity Document or Book is required for those from 3rd party countries.

Crew members that are citizens of countries that have signed the ILO 108 or 185 treaty may travel without Schengen visa via a non-Schengen country to and from Norway.

Shore leave is generally granted, but local restrictions might be in force.

For non-ILO 108/185-nationality-crew, a Schengen visa can be applied for, but applications are considered on a case-by-case basis with no guarantee that it will be granted. In general, the immigration authorities are reluctant to issue visa for planned crew changes. Emergency visas are normally issued.

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