COVID-19 preventive measures & guidelines

23 Apr 2020 / Limassol, Cyprus

As per the restrictive measures imposed by Cyprus Ports Authority, the following measures are currently applied strictly at New Limassol Port until further notice:

  • Disembarkation of passengers from cruise vessels is prohibited.

  • Any crew change or crew disembarkation either in or out of port irrespective of type of vessel is prohibited.

  • In case that vessel crew needs to conduct inspections that require its members to disembark, this is only allowed given that:
    - Only one member of vessel crew will disembark;
    - Inspection will be short in time; and
    - Corresponding agent has already notified accordingly DP World Limassol in order to remove staff operating at the vicinity and Ports & Marine Police in order its members to monitor the process until its completion.

  • Vessel maintenance works (i.e. painting, washing, etc.) that needs to be conducted from quay are prohibited.

  • Navy vessel: Entry to port is allowed following Notam Verbatim but disembarkation of crews is prohibited.

  • UNIFIL: No restriction of members of administration members that are based at the shore facilities of the port. As for the crew members of UNIFIL vessels their disembarkation is prohibited as well as their entry to inland of the country.

  • In case of medical emergency incident regarding passenger or crew member on board vessel, either at anchorage area or in the port, shipping agents exceptionally and only due to the medical incident will be eligible to proceed to the appropriate arrangements only following consultation with Medical Services that will take over the transportation and treatment of patient.

  • No one is allowed to embark on any vessel for any reason apart of conducting activities related to cargo operations and by not having any interaction with crew members while vessel Master is obliged to retreat/isolate crew under his command.

  • Specifically, entities allowed to embark vessels are the following:
    - Stevedores / United Stevedoring Company’s staff
    - Lashers / Un-lashers
    - Surveyors (embarkation allowed only for conducting operations monitoring activities – administrational tasks must take place remotely)
    - In these cases, embarkation is only allowed following isolation of crew at the accommodation of the vessel declared in writing to DP World Limassol by corresponding agent.

  • Provisions/Supplies: As per Medical & Public Health Services guidelines, crew must remain isolated in accommodation. Vessel Master carries the responsibility to verify to DP World Limassol via the corresponding agent that there won’t be any interaction between the crew members and shore staff. It’s taken for granted that the providers/vendors/ staff must place provisions along quay near the receipt point to be indicated and following their departure the crew will be allowed to receive provisions. This to be confirmed by the on-duty officer of Marine& Ports Police who will be supervising the area.

  • Private entities active at terminal are allowed to operate given that they fully abide to the guidelines of Ministry of Health.

  • Anyone entering port for work must abide strictly to the guidelines of the Medical Services.

  • The responsibility for the strict implementation of the measures is carried by the Port & Marine Police and the Immigration Service.


In case that confirmed COVID-19 infection case(s) emerge at any working area, the activities at the specific area/space must be immediately suspended and area disinfection process must take place prior relaunching of activities.

All staff members working at the specific area must be removed until the completion of the disinfection process. Specific materials must be used for the disinfection by certified disinfection services providers as per corresponding guidelines. Following disinfection area must not be accessible for at least 3 hours and following that the space must be ventilated for approximately 30 minutes prior staff entry. Staff members who had direct contact with infected person(s), as these will be defined via the tracing process to be applied by Authorities, must not attend at working area and will be set in quarantine.

  • Any person who MUST REMAIN UNDER QUARANTINE or SELF-ISOLATION, as per current guidelines issued by Ministry of Health, WILL NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER DP WORLD LIMASSOL TERMINAL. In any case that this will be attempted the intervention of Ports & Marine Police will be immediately requested...

  • Abide to basic hygiene rules and avoid as much as possible close contact.

  • Obligatory use of protective masks is applied by DP World Limassol staff excluding cases of isolated work. Use of masks is strongly advised to all terminal users. The main goal of masks use is to minimize the area around an infected person, who most probably doesn’t suffer any of COVID-19 symptoms, where droplets are emitted via coughing, sneezing or speaking loudly.

  • Terminal users/visitors may need to go through proactive forehead temperature measurement, using non-contact thermometer, by DP World Limassol Security team prior entry to terminal at Main Gate.

  • As for aforementioned process to be applied at working areas in case of confirmed COVID-19 infection, it must be noted that the tracing process by authorities may last much longer than the timeframe of working area isolation/disinfection/ventilation, and therefore it is advised by DP World Limassol that the management of entity operating at specific space(s) must conduct a preliminary tracing process in order to minimize the probability of any potentially infected co-worker(s) attending at working space prior completion of tracing process to be applied by Authorities.

  • Applications for acceptance of visitors at DP World Limassol terminal will be processed given that the corresponding Visitor Application COVID-19 form (attached) has been adequately filled, signed off by the entity applying on behalf of visitor and forwarded to DP World Limassol & Cyprus Ports Authority as per standing procedure.

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Source: Multipurpose Port Operator, DP World Limassol update

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