COVID-19 precautionary requirements

13 May 2020 / Riga, Latvia

In view of the state of emergency declared throughout Latvia to restrict the spread of Covid-19, the crews of all cargo ships calling at the Port of Riga, personnel of all terminals and the port shall adhere to the following requirements:

  • Ship agents of all cargo vessels calling at the Port of Riga, in addition to other pre-arrival documentation shall submit also completed Maritime Declaration of Health Form via the International Ship Logistics and Port Information System (SKLOIS) before entering the port.

  • Upon crossing the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) reporting line, the Master of the vessel shall call the VTS - call sign “RIGA TRAFFIC” - on VHF Ch 09 and confirm that all crew members are in good health. The Master of the vessel shall also provide an identical report at least one hour prior departure from the port.

  • Crewmembers of foreign-flagged vessels calling at the Port of Riga shall not be allowed to come ashore, except when routine operation of the vessel requires so (for example, to inspect the draft marks, to receive ship supplies).

  • All activities related to cargo handling and ship maintenance shall be carried out with a minimum of physical contact between persons within a minimum distance of 2 meters. Visits on board vessel shall be limited to essential crew only.

  • In case of suspicion on board the ship of having COVID-19, the Master of the vessel shall immediately report it to the Harbour Master office either by e-mail [email protected], phone + 371 67082035 or reporting to VTS on VHF Ch 09. In this case, the vessel is directed to the anchorage for further action.

Crew change is only possible for Latvian nationals.

The latest information on the situation in the country and recommendations for action in the event of a pandemic is available at

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