COVID-19: Ports’ operational status (updated 20 March)

20 Mar 2020 / China

Below is a summary of what operations are currently permitted at ports in China:

  • Cargo: There is no policy requiring 14 days quarantine for cargo from vessels.

  • Crew changes are not allowed.

  • Crew may not go shore, except in case of an emergency.

  • Crew must have 14 days continuous body temperature record.

  • Spare parts & provision
    - Liquid tanker & dry cargo vessels: Can be provided, but shore personnel to have no contact with ship crew onboard
    - LNG tankers: Cannot provide

  • Ship surveyors & superintendents
    - Foreign nationality surveyor and superintendent: Not allowed
    - Chinese surveyor and superintendent:
    A) The surveyor/superintendent can attend ship calling the port in their own province.
    B) If they intend to attend ship in another province, please check with us 4 days in advance, as we must confirm with the respective related port/terminal.

  • Bunker and fresh water supply: As normal, shore personnel to have no contact with ship crew.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in China, contact GAC China at [email protected]

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