COVID-19 port situation

15 Apr 2020 / Mombasa, Kenya

Kenya Ports Authority [has] instituted several serious measures to control the spread of the virus in the Port of Mombasa…

…Procedures to handle vessels are as follows:

1. Mandatory Pre-arrival Reporting on board must be undertaken at least 48 hours before the vessel arrival in Kenya's territorial waters. Masters of ships must therefore submit a duly completed and compulsory Maritime Declaration of Health form to the Port Health officer.

2. Masters shall regularly update the Port Health Office on the health status of the crew on board.

3. All arriving vessels with crew/passengers with recent travel history to countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days must undergo special monitoring and Port Health must issue restricted pratique.

4. Every ship entering Kenya from a country with confirmed cases of COVID-19 is subjected to rigorous inspection in the designated location as directed by the Harbour Master in consultations with Port Health Office.

5. If at any time during a vessel's stay at port, any health risk is reported, a Port Health Officer shall conduct assessments on a case by case basis to manage the risk and eliminate contamination other crew port personnel and others

6. Crew/passengers with any of these symptoms (fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, cough or shortness of breath) the Master must report to the Port Health Office.

7. Crew/passengers of vessels from confirmed COVID-19 countries will Not be granted shore passes. Only Kenyans and foreigners with valid residence permits will be allowed to disembark after presentation of Health Declaration forms and by the health Authorities.

8. All visitors (dockworkers, agents, surveyors, port state inspectors) to a ship from countries confirmed with COVID-19 cases must be informed about the precautionary measures while on board. It shall be prohibited for anyone to board a vessel before the completion of the health inspection of the crew or passengers. All visitors to use protective disposable mask and latex gloves while on board and should dispose them on board before disembarking in a special disposal bin.

9. Masters of all ships due to arrive in a Kenyan port are required to declare their last 10 ports of call or voyage memo for the last three months, whichever is higher, and confirm that there is no crew showing symptoms of COVID-19 on board.

10. Ships agents, if possible, should use alternative means of contacting the vessels instead of boarding the vessels, so as to minimize potential contamination risk.

11. Ship crew change is temporarily suspended until further notice. The exception is given to Kenyan crew and persons with valid resident permits.

12. The Masters of vessels shall be required to provide sanitizers at the ship's gangway for persons entering and upon exit.

13. Garbage from vessels arriving from confirmed COVID-19 countries will not be allowed to be discharged at any Kenyan Port…

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Source: Extracts from Kenya Ports Authority press release dated 14 April 2020

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