COVID-19 further instructions

16 Jun 2020 / Malaysia

All seafarers are ALLOWED to carry out crew change activities (sign-off) in any Malaysia port irrespective of their citizenships or ship’s flag.

All Malaysian citizen off-signers are required to undergo COVID-19 health tests approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH);

Once a Malaysian citizen crew has completed the COVID-19 test recognized by MOH, with a negative result, the crew MUST conduct a self-surveillance using the Home-Assessment Tools at his/her home for 14 days according to MOH instructions.

All foreign off-signer crews are subject to:-
a) mandatorily undergo a COVID-19 test which recognized by MOH;
b) if the test result is negative, the crew may be considered to leave the quarantine center/ship/port as appropriate in reference to the date/time of his/her return ticket itinerary;

The shipping company MUST ensure throughout the crew change process as follows: -
a) The cost of the quarantine, COVID-19 test, follow-up treatment, and the logistics aspects are under the company's discretion;
b) The arrangement of the transportation aspect must comply with social distancing in accordance to the MOH guidelines for sending crew from ship to the respective destination in Malaysia.

Only seafarers who are Malaysian citizen are allowed to sign-on at any port in Malaysia. They SHALL complete the JLM Health Declaration Form AND undergo COVID-19 test approved by the MOH.

Master SHALL perform a daily COVID-19 symptoms monitoring and temperature-checking to all newly-joined crew for at least 14 consecutive days after joining. Master is also encouraged to continuously monitor and keep the health record of the ship crews.

Regardless of any type of ships, strict social distancing protocol according to the MOH guidelines SHALL be practised by ALL crew at least for 14 consecutive days after joining. These shall include, but not limited to, providing the newly-joined crew an individual and separate accommodation.

If the COVID-19 test result is positive either during the sign-on or sign-off process, the seafarer and his/her shipping company must notify MOH promptly. The seafarer is subject to any further instructions from the MOH, and is not allow to return home / board the ship.

For the purpose of supporting the departure of a foreign off-signer movement to an international departure terminal, proof of his/her travel document (such as a flight or ferry itinerary copy) must be provided to JLM, the Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) and/or MOH whenever it is needed.

The shipping company must ensure that all foreign seafarers who are allowed to sign-off at any port in Malaysia, to depart from any Malaysia's international terminal as soon as possible without any delay and transit at any area after they are allowed to sign-off.

Seafarer Employment Agreement (SEA) which expires during the period of MCO may apply for an extension of one (1) month, as long as the total period of the SEA including the extension is not more than 13 months.

Seafarer documentations extension are given as follows: -
a) Seafarer Identification Card (SID). Existing SID expiring in the year 2020 is automatically extended for a period of 3 months from the original expiry date.
b) Medical Examination Certificate (MEC). Existing MEC expiring in the year 2020 is automatically extended for 3 months from the original expiry date.
c) Certificate of Competency (COC). The expiry date of an existing COC of a Malaysian seafarer is automatically extended to 31 July 2020 or 3 months from the original expiry date, whichever is earlier.
d) Certificate of Recognition (COR). The expiry date of an existing COR of a foreign seafarer may be extended for 3 months, or until 31 July 2020, or in accordance to the issuance country of the original COE. Affected foreign seafarer shall apply via the COR renewal process.
e) Certificate of Proficiency (COP). The expiry date of an existing COP for a Malaysian seafarer is automatically extended for 6 months, or until 31 October 2020, whichever is earlier.
f) Malaysia Crew Article. The Crew Article agreement which expires during MCO period may be extended for 3 months, irrespective whether it involves a COC / COR extension for the crew.
g) Oral Examination. The final validity date of the Malaysian seafarer oral examination that falls during the MCO period, is automatically extended for 6 months or until 31 October 2020, whichever is earlier.

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Source: Marine Department Malaysia further instructions annex dated 15 June 2020

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