Countdown to border re-opening

04 Jun 2020 / Bahamas

All domestic commercial flights will officially resume in the Bahamas on Monday, 8 June, and the Government has advised they are on schedule for the anticipated border re-opening on 1 July.

A statement from the office of the Prime Minister dated 1 June states:

“Domestic borders will be opened for regular domestic commercial flights and for domestic pleasure craft and yachts. This applies to all islands of The Bahamas.

The reopening of regular commercial domestic travel is part of the broader opening of the economy and to accommodate hurricane season preparations…

…Airlines are working to ensure various protocols including, enhanced cleaning procedures for aircraft; ensuring that all staff utilize masks/facial coverings (PPE). Travelers are reminded that they must wear masks/facial coverings. Operational procedures to ensure physical distancing on board the aircraft and during the boarding process will be implemented. Physical distancing will be enforced…

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Source: Elnet Maritime Agency – GAC agent

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