Coronavirus outbreak response

29 Jan 2020 / Australia

Outbreaks of the coronavirus infections among people are a public health concern and there is growing evidence that the virus can spread from person to person in the community. Cases have been reported in several Asian and other countries including Australia. The situation is evolving rapidly.

The World Health Organisation and various health authorities, including Australia, are monitoring the situation and providing regular updates and along with factsheets with measures to minimise the spread of the virus.
For the Australian Department of Health with updates on the virus, go to

As a part of pre-arrival reporting to Biosecurity (AQIS) Masters are required to include a Human Health Update. It is mandatory for vessel Masters to submit this update. This update reports any crew, passengers, etc that are unwell. The update is vetted by biosecurity who then make a call if there is a health issue on board and what actions may need to be taken.

A number of Australian ports have additional requirements. All ports will ensure that their local requirements are advised to Masters prior to arrival in the respective port.

For further details and updates, including additional measures at specific ports, contact GAC Australia at [email protected]

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